18th North Carolina Troops (April 9, 1865): Officers and Men Present at Appomattox

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18th North Carolina Troops (April 9, 1865):
 Officers and Men Present at Appomattox

Officers and Men Present, 18th NCT (April 9, 1865)

Name Rank Co.   Name Rank Co.
Thomas J. Wooten Major     John J. Poisson Capt. G
William H. McLaurin Adjt.     John M. Whitted 2nd. Lt. G
Thomas B. Lane Surgeon     James R. Dancy Sgt. G
Simpson Russ Asst. Surgeon     John W. Gordon Corpl. G
Charles Flanner Ord. Sgt.     Joseph J. Leslie Musician G
Willie A. Cornish Hospital Stewart     Jesse F. Adams Private G
Henry M. Woodcock Chief Musician     Pleasant Dixon Private G
Benjamin F. Rinaldi Capt. A   Robert H. Hall Private G
Marshall M. Tatom Sgt. A   C.J. Sasser Private G
William Howard Sgt. A   Peter T. Smith Private G
Henry Howard Private A   Alexander Lewis 2nd Lt. H
Frank Howard Private A   Charles M.Baldwin Sgt. H
B.D. Lindsay Private A   Henry C. Long Corpl. H
George W. McDonald Private A   John R. Baldwin Private H
Richard M. Sesene 2nd Lt. B   John J. Chancey Private H
Snowden Singletary Corpl. B   John Creech Private H
William C. Bray Private B   Abram Minton Private H
Elconia Austin Private B   William Nance Private H
John Meares Private B   John Safrit Private H
Owen Smith 1st Lt. C   Francis M. Yeltow Private H
George W. Sherrell Musician C   S.W. Wells Sgt. I
Daniel Greene Private C   J.H. Brown Sgt.. I
D. Klutts Private C   J.J.F. Heath Corpl. I
A.E. Floyd 1st Sgt. D   John Care Private I
J.P. Innman Corpl. D   Daniel Brindle Private I
A.N. Profit Private D   L.H. Horn Private I
K. Lovett Private D   David S. Satta Private I
Zack Clewis Private `D   H.A. Hall Private I
William M. Fetter 2nd Lt. E   R.B. Banks Private I
Thomas R. Colvin Musician E   Evander N. Robeson 1st Lt K
Stephen B. Costin Private E   Saml . N. Richardson Sgt. K
Henry Moore Private E   Arch M. McNeill Sgt.  K
Columbus Barnhill Private E   Jas. A. Cromartie Corpl.  K
James B. Wall Private E   Danl. M. Sutton  Corpl.  K
Little B. Wall Private E   Jesse F. Bloodworth Private  K
Alexander E. Smith Sgt. F   Stephen T. Buie  Private  K
John A. Patterson Corpl. F   John C. Kinlaw  Private  K
W.W. Bullard Private F    Wm. Melvin  Private  K
James A. Calder Private F   Jonathan Dunham  Private  K
William C. Davis Private F      
A.A. Huckaby Private F   Recapitulation    
James Nolan Private F    Officers - 11    
M.G. McKay Private F    Men - 73    
N.Mc.N. Patterson Private F    Aggregate - 84    
A.D. Webb Private F        
[/s/] Jno. J. Poisson
Capt. Comd 18th N.C.T.

Source: Auburn University Archives & Manuscripts Department.

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