28th North Carolina Infantry Regiment: Officers and Men Captured and Surrendered on April 10, 1865

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28th North Carolina Infantry Regiment:
Officers and Men Captured and Surrendered on April 10, 1865

Appomattox Court House Map
Appomattox Court House Map.gif
Appomattox Courthouse Map

HQ 28th NC Regt
April 10 1865
List of Officers & Men Captured

1.   W.W. Gaither,  Surgeon
2.   R.S. Folger,  Adjutant
3.   D.S. Henkel,  Chaplain
4.   W.R. Rankin,  Serg. Maj.
5.   T.C. Lowe,  Q.M. Serg.

6.   E.F. Lovill, Capt, A
7.   R.A. White, 1st Lt, B
8.   R.D. Ormond, 2nd [Lt., B]
9.   T.J. Linebarger, Capt, C
10.  M.M. Throneburg, 2nd Lt, C
11.  J.W. Williams, [2nd Lt, C]
12.  W.H. Angennan, [2nd Lt, D]
13.  D.F. Morrow, 1st [Lt, G]
14.  G.G. Holland, Capt, H
15.  T.F. Green, 2nd Lt, [H]
16.  S.T. Thompson, [2nd Lt], I
17.  L.A. Todd, [2nd Lt, I]
18.  A.W. Stone, Capt, K

19.  H.C. Turner 2nd Lt.
20.  H.G. Anthony Serg.
21.  J.A. Holder "

22.  Jas. Brown
23.  Jas. Brannock
24.  A. Coe
25.  M.H. Freeman
26.  A.I. Key
27.  Wm Marsh
28.  J.L. MCGee
29.  W. Penn Nixon
30  W. White
31.  A.L. Gates
32.  L.C. York

33.  S.M. Foster Serg.
34.  F.W. Leeper Corpl

35.  A.M. Rhyne
36.  R.W. Carson
37.  Geo. [Harris]
 38.  W.F. Allison
39.  J.F. Beatty
40.  J.C. Bell
41.  A.J. Baldwin
42.  L.R. Clemer
43.  C. Carpenter
44.  M. Carpenter
45.  M.A. Clark
46.  L.H. Ford
47.  R.M. Gaston
48.  J.C. Shields Mus.
49.  J.F. Hovis
50.  J.B. Hines
51.  M. Kiser
52.  J.J. Lewis
53.  F.H. McCarver
54.  A. Rhyne
55.  W.W. Rankin
56.  W.A. Smith
57.  J Shrum
58.  T.L. Saunders
59.  R.B. Stone
60.  J.W. Shields
61.  W. [  ] Thomas
62.  J.F. Thomas
63.  J.L. Throneburg
64.  W.C. Whitesides
65.  M Willis
66.  L.L. Wilson


67.  P.J. Herman, Sergt.
68.  J.F. Hanston, Corp.
69.  A. Bolch, Corp.
70.  D.M. Herman, Corp.
71.  J.L. Turbyfill, Mus

72.  J. Bolch
73.  F.H. Bolch
74.  M. Bolch
75.  A. Bumgarner
76.  J.C. Carter
77.  Lawson Cook
 78.  S.J. [Cornell]
79.  A.J. [Frada]
80.  [David] Hefner
81.  Geo. Hefner
82.  [S__mus] Hefner
83.  A.D. Holler
84.  Sol. Honeycut
85.  Jno M. Houston
86.  [J.N. Herman]
87.  C.E. Killian
88.  Abel Lace
89.  M.M. Linebarger
90.  Wm A. Martin
91.  H.H. Poovey
92.  Josiah Poovey
93.  Lawson Poovey
94.  Julius A. Poovey
95.  Taylor Poovey
96.  W.P. Rader
97.  J.P. Spencer
98.  S.E. Spencer
99.  J.A. Starr
100.  A.E. Townsan
101.  A.E. Yount

102.  M. Ritchie Serg.
103.  F.W. Talley "
104.  Uriah Crayton Corpl.
105.  D.W. Plyler "
106.  J.H. Lyerly "

107.  H. Barbee
108.  A. Burlison
109.  A. Carpenter
110.  H.D. Plyler
111.  E.A. Plyler
112.  J.A. Pruitt
113.  N.C. James
114. Jno. Rudisill
115.  W.H. Sides
 116.  Jno. Underwood

117.  J.A. Cranford [Srg]
118.  M.M. Ballard "
119.  W.T. Lisk Mus.

120.  R.J. [Halton]
121.  J.L. Hall
122.  W.B. Ingram
123.  J.T. Lisk
124.  J.T. McCanley
125.  T.C. Robinson
126.  R.S. Williams

127.  L.E. Grubbs
128.  W.H. Dixon
129.  John Hix

130.  J.S. Durham, Sergt
131.  H.A. Edwards, Sergt
132.  L. J. Lloyd, Sergt
133.  F.R. Durham,  Corp

134.  M. Atwater
135.  J. Cannady
136.  J.W. Cheek
137.  S.H. Crawford
138.  W.P. Durham
139.  W.P. Gean
140.  S.P. Johnston
141.  J. Phillips
142.  S.A. Poe
143.  R.[P] Poe
144.  P.H. Poindexter
145.  H.H. Robertson
146.  J.J. Sykes
147.  P.A. Thompson
148.  J.R. Ward
149.  G.B. Workman

150.  T.J. Holland QS
151.  J.M. Green Sgt
152.  M.M. Jolly "
153.  P.G. Gold Corpl.

154.  S.G.H. Bridges
155.  T.S. Bridges
156.  C.M. Barnett
157.  F. Bolch
158.  H.A. Bolch
159.  D.O.P. Champion
160.  J.L.S. Green
161.  J.M.J. Green
162.  D.O. Green
163.  R.H. Green
164.  J. Hamrick
165.  J.R. Hawkins
166.  J.L. Lovelace
167.  P.C. Lael
168.  D.O.H.P. Moore
169.  G.M. Moore, sen.
170.  J.M. Miller
171.  J.C. Pruitt
172.  Jno. Pruitt

173.  T.J. Scott
174.  E.H. Reece
175.  J.W. Wagoner
176.  I. Hutchens
177.  T.F. Haynes

178.  D.M. Ross Serg
179.  U.F. Hathcock Corpl.

180.  D. Almond
181.  D.P. Austin
182.  W. Corkier
183.  G.N. Davis
184.  J. Endy
185.  D.A. [Fry]
 186.  A. Furr
187.  W.A. Kirk
188.  B.A. Holt
189.  G. Melton
190.  Thos. Matley
191.  A.C. Marbry
192.  D.Poplin
193.  G.P. Ross
194.  W.F. Swarengan
195.  R. Shoe
196.  A. Vanhoy
197.  G.C. Smith
198.  M. Whitley

199.  James Morton, Mus.
200.  L.J. Barker, Hospital Steward

(signed) T.J. Linebarger Capt. Comdg Regt

Source: Auburn University Archives and Manuscripts Division

Recommended Reading: The 28th North Carolina Infantry: A Civil War History and Roster. Description: In April 1861, public opinion in North Carolina was divided between Union and secession supporters. It was only after President Lincoln issued his call to arms to subdue the rebel state of South Carolina that North Carolina seceded, primarily in protest of the order to fight her sister state. Beginning with a look at the prevailing atmosphere in North Carolina in the spring of 1861, this volume provides an in-depth history of one Confederate infantry regiment, the 28th North Carolina, which was comprised primarily of units from the central and southwestern parts of the state. Continued below...

It discusses the various battles in which the 28th North Carolina was involved, including Hanover Court House, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Chapin's Farm and Appomattox. Special emphasis is placed on the thoughts and surviving accounts provided by those soldiers who witnessed firsthand the atrocities of war. Appendices contain (among other items) a chronology of the 28th North Carolina; a list of casualties among officers; a list of casualties in the 28th from 1862 through 1864; and the full text of letters from two members of the 28th, the Harding brothers. About the Author: Retired research assistant from the Bowman Gray School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, Frances H. Casstevens, is also the author of Clingman's Brigade in the Confederacy, 1862-1865. She is a lifelong resident of Yadkin County, and also an historian, genealogist, and former professor at Wake Forest University.

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