Battle of Hanover Court House Casualties: Killed, Wounded, Captured, and Prisoners

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Battle of Hanover Court House Killed, Wounded, Captured

Battle of Hanover Court House: North Carolina Standard:
North Carolina Casualties

North Carolina Standard
July 2, 1862

North Carolina Wounded and Captured
Correspondent of the Petersburg Express
Near Richmond, Virginia, June 22, 1862

Mr. Editor:

Permit me to communicate through your columns the following list of wounded
belonging to the “Branch Brigade” who were in the engagement at Hanover Court
House on May 27 and are still prisoners with the enemy.

Teph Burgess, Latham’s N.C. Battery, wounded in left temple and eye
Martin Messer, Company B, 7th N.C.R., compound fracture of left thigh
Thomas T. Robeson, Company E, 12th N.C.R., wounded left side
Lewis Hedgpeth, Company I, 12th N.C.R., flesh wound right thigh

The following are from the 18th N.C., Colonel Cowan:
Lt. George A Johnston, Co. A, perforating wound of chest, considered mortal
George D. Hackerman, Co. A, flesh would right leg
Moses Williams, Co. C, flesh wound right leg
Wallace Long, Co. C, flesh wound right thigh
William D. Rhodes, Co. C, wounded in abdomen, June 9
J.M. Pherrell, Co. D, compound fracture of right leg, amputated below knee when
last seen June 17, was in a dying condition
Thomas Cape(?), Co. D, perforating chest wound last seen June 17 in a dying condition
Bunyan Stan - - - , Co. D, compound fracture of right leg, amputated below knee
Archibald B. Brooks, Co. E, penetrating wound of the chest
George W. Malpass, Co. B, right shoulder and breast, died June 15
Enos Tart, Co. E, flesh wound left thigh
William H. McNeal, Co. F, flesh wound foot
Samuel Wright, Co. F, flesh wound in back
Lewis Cassilun, Co. E, wounded in left knee joint, thigh amputated, died June 14
Corp. Samuel King, Co. G, compound fracture right leg, amputated below knee, died June 11
John William Tedder, Co. H, flesh would left thigh
Albert R - - - li, Co. K, flesh wound left thigh
Pte. --------- Brown, flesh wound in back

The following belongs to the 33rd Regiment N.C.T., Colonel Robert Hoke:
John Guy, Co. A, finger of right hand shot off and afterwards amputated

The following belong to the 37th Regiment N.C.T.:
L.A. Cox, Company A, compound fracture right thigh
Benjamin C. Coldron, Co. A, perforating wound of the brain through the right eye, died June 11
Sgt. William Hurley, Co. A, wounded in the right knee joint
George Craven, Co. A, right knee joint, thigh amputated, died June 12
Robert Gentry, Co. A, perforating chest wound
M.V. Mullins, Co. A, left thigh and testicle, died of tetanus June 9
Jas. Cardell, Co. F, flesh wound right thigh
Peyton Rhyne, Co. H, wound in left cheek, tongue and fracture of inferior maxilla
E.P. Clemmer, Co. B, perforating chest wound, died June 16
R.D. Rutledge, Co. B, flesh wound left leg
John B. Nicholson, Co. I, wound in left side
M.D. Parsin, Co. K, flesh wound right thigh
Corp. William Walker, perforating wound in abdomen, died June 2

These wounded are partially in my charge within the enemy lines.  They have been
removed to Fortress Monroe.

It may be encouraging to the relatives of the wounded and it is due the enemy to state 
that all the Confederate wounded are kindly treated and well cared for all receiving like
accommodations and attention.  No preference is shown to the Federal wounded. 
In this respect, at least, our foe conforms to the usages of civil warfare.

J.F. Shaffner
Surgeon, C.S.A.
33rd Regiment N.C.T.

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Recommended Reading: Battle of Hanover Court House: Turning Point of the Peninsula Campaign, May 27, 1862 (Hardcover). Description: Researched from official reports as well as contemporary accounts, this is the first detailed look at the battle most widely known as Hanover Court House and Slash Church. The opening chapters set the stage for this crucial battle and outline the events that led up to May 27, 1862, and the high tide of the Peninsula Campaign. Continued below...

The book’s main focus is the series of battles that took place between the forces of Union V Corps commander Fitz John Porter and Confederate general Lawrence O’Bryan Branch. Photographs of the battle's central participants are included, along with appendices featuring the official reports of commanders and lists of casualties from both sides.

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