Battle of Hanover Court House, Virginia: North Carolina Civil War

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Battle of Hanover Court House: North Carolina Standard:
37th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Casualties

North Carolina Standard
June 18, 1862

(Transcriber’s note, very faded, some were illegible)

Killed, wounded and missing, Battle of Lebanon Church, May 27

Company A

Killed:  J.P. Sh – brood, John El - - - - n
Wounded:  George Bryant, several flesh wounds in hip, (first name illegible)
Marsh, shot through body and both hips flesh wounds, A. Gentry, face,
probably mortal, Jonathan Perry, elbow, W.J. Davis, arm, George Craven,
both legs, Reuben Sexton, shoulder, missing, John Ward, heel shot off by
ball, L. Cox, John Weaver, shot in legs, missing, Lowry Miller, side, missing,
H.H. He - - - trin, cheek, severe, missing, Sgt. Reuben Darby, leg, missing
Missing:  H. Blevins, David Eldreath, Jacob Eldreath, Eli Calloway, J.H.
Vannoy, Robert Gentry, W.A. Walker, Robert McCormack, John A.
Henderson(?), C.R. Carter, John Wyatt, William Walsh, Joshua S - - - -
per, M.V. Mullins, W. Cox, Jr., W. Cox, Sr., R.R. M. Lane, George Black,
Lt. W.A. Stuart

Company B

Missing:  L.H. Carlton, C.C. Miller, S. Grier

Company C

Wounded:  Frank Warsham, slightly in hip and finger, J.L. Reid, slightly in
finger, R.r. Warsham, slightly in finger
Missing:  Samuel L. Hucks, Thomas A. Sloan

Company F

Killed:  James L. Caldwell, Daniel L. (last name illegible, starts with a ‘D’,
maybe Davis?), R.M. H - - key, William Willes(?)
Wounded:  Lt. George R. - - - - ath, mortally wounded, shot in the head;
A.L. Bell, slightly wounded in thumb, Thomas P - - - - - -, finger shot off,
William J. Martin, breast injured, Jno Wallace in shoulder, Sgt. P.(?) M.
Sales, arm, L. Bu - - -  in arm, A.S. Hannah in thigh, one name totally illegible
Missing:  A. Anderson, W. Anderson, J.B. Barlow, J.A. Botnigarm(?), L.
Dala(?) or Dale(?), J.C. Howell, B.H. Kelley, Moses Treadway

Company G

Killed:  Jas. Robinette, W.P. Robinette, J.B. Robinette, Anderson Reid,
John N. Austin
Wounded:  H.P.(or F.?) Echart(?), shot through jaw and half of tongue cut
off; Lawson Crench(?), slightly in jaw, A. Brown, severely, V.S Teague,
flesh wound left arm, Sgt. T.H. Chapman, shot through jaw passing out
through the mouth, Corp. W.C. Walker, hip severe, H.C. Puishel(?) hand,
A.E. Robinette
Missing:  Corp. William D. McCracken, John Hennington, N.G. Fox,
William Fox, G.w. Barnes, Lt. R.L. Steele, David Austin, Hiram Kirby,
John C. Robinette, Thomas Winkler, Noah De – ler(?) A.A. Gryder, W.W.
Gryder, George Barnes, wounded and missing

Company H

Killed:  Andrew Summey, Robert Turner, H.A. Wright, George F. McGinnis
Wounded:  Capt. William G. Morris, slightly in neck, Lt. H.C. Fite in arm,
H.M. Rhine in arm badly, John W. Weathers shoulder, Jas. A. Cannon arm,
Robert F. Ragan face, ------- Ford, face, W.G. Ford shoulder, Jas. P.
Briomer(?) side, John Thomason slightly in arm, George W. McKee head,
Jas. Fite, hand, Emmanuel Clortiger hand, W.R.D. Abernathy, arm,
missing, George Ball shoulder, missing, Oliver Brown in body badly,
missing, John Jenkins, in body badly, J.H. Pas - - - in arm badly,
Robertus Rutledge badly in leg, P.S. Rhyne, missing, Jas. A. Stowe, in
body, missing, P.W. Watson, missing
Missing: Rufus Armstrong, L.J. Clemmer, L. Canedy, Jessie Elmore,
Robert Ferguson, T.A. Wilson, L.W. Lyriah, G.N. Ferguson, James Neal,
David Morrison

Company I

Killed:  Sgt. E.B. Wolf, Abram Clouts, J.J. Spears, David Stinson
Wounded:  Joseph Black, supposed killed and left, Jas. Montgomery,
supposed killed and left, A.P. Young, supposed killed and left, Jacob
Shor (Shar?) badly wounded and left, Stirling Russell, supposed killed,
Robert Walker, supposed killed, Corp. Wilson, flesh wound in arm, J.P.
Gordon, slight in hip, G.W. Williamson, arm and shoulder, Lowry Adams
in foot, William Kisiah, in foot, J.S. Tagert in thigh, W.D. Conlay in leg,
Thomas A. Sharp in hand, Eli Patterson in hand slightly, B.G. Henry in
Missing:  L.A. Barnes, John Higginson, James Phillips

Company K

Killed:  William R. Muller, G. Douglas, W.D. Jones
Wounded:  Capt. J.B. Johnson slight in foot, John Price, right forefinger
shot off, J. M. Halsay, right forefinger shot off, D.K. Evans, severe in shoulder
Missing:  J.K. Bingham, mortally wounded, Corp. F. Lory, mortal in side,
M.D. L. Parsons, flesh wound in thigh, Abram Evans, Corp. W.R. Jones,
John Gurbb(?), James Richardson, and Isham Jones

Company D and E were on picket duty and surrounded by the enemy, but
Company D escaped with 50 men and 15 of Company E.

The 37th Regiment was during the engagement proper under the direction
of Lt. Col. Barber as I had charge of a larger force.  The North Carolinians
will have cause to remember the Battle of Lebanon Church as the bloodiest
battle they were ever in.

C.C. Lee
Colonel, 37th Regiment

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Recommended Reading: Battle of Hanover Court House: Turning Point of the Peninsula Campaign, May 27, 1862 (Hardcover). Product Description: Researched from official reports as well as contemporary accounts, this is the first detailed look at the battle most widely known as Hanover Court House and Slash Church. The opening chapters set the stage for this crucial battle and outline the events that led up to May 27, 1862, and the high tide of the Peninsula Campaign. Continued below...

The book’s main focus is the series of battles that took place between the forces of Union V Corps commander Fitz John Porter and Confederate general Lawrence O’Bryan Branch. Photographs of the battle's central participants are included, along with appendices featuring the official reports of commanders and lists of casualties from both sides.

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