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General William T. Sherman
Compiled Military Service Record

General William T. Sherman
General William T. Sherman.jpg
William Tecumseh Sherman

William Tecumseh Sherman

Biographical data and notes:
- Born Feb 8 1820 in Lancaster, OH
- William Tecumseh Sherman died on Feb 14 1891 at New York City, NY
- Graduate USMA 07/01/1840

- 41 years of age at time of enlistment
- Enlisted on May 14 1861 as Colonel

Mustering information:
- Commissioned into Field and Staff, 13th Infantry (Regular Army)
on May 14 1861
- Commissioned into General Staff (U.S. Volunteers)
on May 17 1861
- Discharged due to promotion from 13th Infantry (Regular Army)
on Aug 12 1864 (Prior service in US Army from 07/01/1840 until 09/06/1853)
- Discharged due to promotion from General Staff (U.S. Volunteers)
on Aug 12 1864
- Commissioned into General Staff (Regular Army)
on Aug 12 1864

- Promoted to Brig-Gen (Full, Vol) on May 17 1861
- Promoted to Major-Gen (Full, Vol) on May 1 1862
- Promoted to Brig-Gen (Full, Army) on Jul 4 1863
- Promoted to Major-Gen (Full, Army) on Aug 12 1864
- Promoted to Brig-Gen (Full, Army) (date not indicated)
- Promoted to Brig-Gen (Full, Vol) (date not indicated)
- Promoted to Colonel (Full, Army) (date not indicated) (13th RA Inf)
- Promoted to Major-Gen (Full, Vol) (date not indicated)
- Promoted to Lieut Gen (Full, Army) (date not indicated)
- Promoted to Major-Gen (Full, Army) (date not indicated)

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