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American Civil War: Casualties, Battles and Battlefields
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North Carolina Civil War History and Battles
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North Carolina Coast: American Civil War
Western North Carolina and the American Civil War
Western North Carolina: Civil War Troops, Regiments, Units
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Cherokee Chief William Holland Thomas
Cherokee Indian Heritage, History, Culture, Customs, Ceremonies, and Religion
Cherokee Indians: American Civil War
History of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian Nation
Cherokee War Rituals, Culture, Festivals, Government, and Beliefs
Researching your Cherokee Heritage
Civil War Diary, Memoirs, Letters, and Newspapers

Introduction from the Webmaster
Having resided on or near military bases for most of my life, I enjoyed, at an early age, studying military history. I have always had an interest in American history, particularly the Civil War, and after serving in various positions in Federal agencies (including two branches of the military) I retired, which allowed me the opportunity to devote more time studying and writing about the conflict that many refer to as the American Civil War. (For usage of the website, please visit Introduction and How to Use this Website.)
My family and I (father and brothers) have also amassed more than a century of combined military service, covering all five components of the United States armed forces, from Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, to Coast Guard, and even a few Federal agencies.
Collecting from diaries to artifacts of the era, I often return to my earlier Civil War writings and add rare photographs, quotes from diaries, eyewitness accounts and other previously unpublished material, so you are encouraged to bookmark the site and visit often.
Thank you for visiting, Matt

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